Line Pumps

Concord CML120

  • 155 yrd3 per hour maximum output

Concord CML120

Schwing BPL 2000 200HD (picture coming)

  • 117 yrd3 per hour maximum output

Schwing BPL 500 180HD

(picture coming)

  • 90 yrd3 per hour maximum output

Putzmeister VS 70

VS 70

  • 70 yrd3 per hour maximum output

Allentown AP30 Shotcrete Pump


  • 30 yrd3 per hour maximum output
All pumps are equipped with:

  • 180 feet of 3″ line
  • 60 feet of 2.5″ line
  • 150 feet of 2″ line
  • Cement and sand for priming
  • On board water for washout

What you need to know when ordering a concrete line pump:

Did you order extra concrete for prime?
Concrete line pumps waste 0.4 – 0.6m3 concrete when washing out
Did you let the concrete supplier know that you are pumping?
Concrete suppliers often send a special mix for pumping.
Did you order plasticizer?
It is much easier to place plasticized concrete than stiff concrete.
Did you order the correct aggregate size?
2″ concrete placing hose requires 3/8 inch aggregate.
Is there a place for us to wash out on site?
Concrete pumps will leave a small mess when they wash out so please have a spot ready.
Is the hose route protected from damage?
Concrete pumping hoses surge as the concrete pump strokes wearing surfaces and steps etc.
Is the pump setup location protected?
Concrete pumps can be messy so all finished surfaces should be covered with tarps or plywood for protection.
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